Council Conclusions


Development of Shortsea shipping in Europe

Council conclusions during the 2772nd TRANSPORT, TELECOMMUNICATIONS and ENERGY Council meeting, Brussels, 11th December 2006.


The most recent communication of the European Commission was adopted on 13th July 2006. It presents the progress achieved under the 2003 Programme for the Promotion of Short Sea Shipping. Therefore it analyses and evaluates the effectiveness of the 14 actions that were introduced in 2003 to enhance the efficiency of Short Sea Shipping and overcome obstacles to its development. Furthermore it shows the way forward by retargeting certain original actions.

Communication - COM (2006) 380 final

The present Programme for the promotion of shortsea shipping aims to target the Community, national, regional and industry efforts on 14 actions that can be envisaged to further develop Short Sea Shipping at political, legislative, technical and operational levels.

Communication - COM (2003) 155 final.

In 2002, the European Commission issued three leaflets about its shipping policy for the public at large, focusing on the following topics :

  • shortsea shipping - a success story in transport
  • sea ports - gateway to transport growth
  • maritime safety - putting up the standards