European Shortsea Network

The shortsea transport chain almost always begins in one country and ends in another, therefore promotion and information within all European countries should ideally reflect this crucial characteristic of shortsea shipping. Not only is promotion on both sides of this chain necessary, it is crucial. Co-operation and communication is imperative in order to establish a level playing field for shortsea in comparison to all other modes of transportation. By the end of 2000 there were a sufficient number of countries, which had set up a shortsea promotion centre and the possibility of creating a short sea network became achievable.

December 2000

In December 2000 the existing bureaus met and decided the following :

  • The network should be a platform to exchange information and not a formal organisation with an office and staff.
  • The existing bureaus would transfer their expertise to newly established centres.
  • The shortsea network would develop a common internetsite.
  • For an easier and cheaper internal communication, an intranet solution would be found.
  • The name of the network would be called European Shortsea Network


In order to approach the market with a common name, it was decided to use the same name in English for each national bureau, namely Shortsea Promotion Centre followed by the name of the country. In addition to this name the original name in the own countrys language will be kept. This was also the case for the registering of the national websites: www.shortsea.followed by the country code.