The ESN should strengthen the activities of the national centres in promoting shortsea with shippers, forwarders, etc.

Other main points are :

  • The exchange of ideas between centres to stimulate individual national work (best practise)
  • Support and guidance to newly established centres beginning their work
  • Identification of common problems, needs and bottlenecks arising from the contacts with the (potential) users

The promotion is aimed at the following target groups :

  • Shippers and forwarders
  • Logistics/transport service providers, including road hauliers
  • Shortsea shipping lines, ship owners and agents, ports
  • EU bodies and national governments
  • European organisations, such as ECSA, ESPO etc, etc
  • Inland shipping and rail


Quantitative targets are difficult to define and measured for a promotion-orientated organisation like ESN. However, the following points give a direction for the work and activities of ESN.

- To create awareness of the ESN and provide contact details to all national and European potential users of shortsea transport, shipping companies and organisations.

- One of the main targets of ESN is to play a significant role in enhancing the growth rate of shortsea shipping. Ideally the growth rate should be higher than other modes of transport, in particular road transport.

- To pursue these goals in the general context and objectives of the EU policy.