The short sea shipping company UECC has launched a new Atlantic service linking Scandinavia with northern Spain.
The two loop offer, operated by three Breeze class vessels, provides a direct connection between Vigo (Spain), Drammen (Norway) and Wallhamn (Sweden). Calls are also made at the ports of Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Zeebrugge, Sheerness, Southampton and Le Havre.
Helen Bjerke, UECC’s head of trade and operations, believes her company is the only shortsea provider offering such a route and is delighted with the market’s positive feedback "especially abou the southbound leg where we have spaces available to cater to this ever-changing industry.”
UECC is a European short sea transport provider for ro-ro cargo, as well as for high and heavy freight.
     ITJ - 27/02/2017